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Oct 5
Yom Kippur, schools closed
Oct 10
Italian Heritage / Indigenous Peoples' Day, schools closed
Oct 14
MMM Show for kids only
Oct 18
Picture Day for Classrooms
1A; 1B; & 1D
Oct 19
Picture Day for Classrooms
2AB; 2C; 2D; 2E; & 2F
Oct 27
Workshop for parents only with Cornell University "Empowering Parents Through Play" @12:30PM School Gym
Nov 8
Election Day, students do not attend school
Nov 11
Veterans Day, schools closed
Nov 24 - 25
Thanksgiving Recess, schools closed
Dec 26 - Jan 2
Winter Recess, schools closed
Jan 16
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, schools closed
Feb 20 - 24
Midwinter Recess, schools closed
April 6
First Day of Passover, schools closed
April 7
Second Day of Passover / Good Friday, schools closed
April 10 - 14
Spring Recess, schools closed
April 21
Eid al-Fitr, schools closed
May 4
Teacher Conferences for elementary schools and Pre-K Centers
May 29
Memorial Day, schools closed
June 8
Anniversary Day / Chancellor's Conference Day for staff development; students do not attend.
June 9
Clerical Day for elementary schools, middle schools, K–12 schools, and standalone D75 programs; students in these schools do not attend.
June 19
Juneteenth, schools closed
June 27
Last day of school for students
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